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Independent, Family-owned and Honest.

We are  manufacturing job shop, providing Screw Machining, CNC Lathe turning, Milling, Bending and much more.  Call us today!

When you have a serious project that needs to be done, look no further than Schwab's Screw Machine Products Inc. A leader in industrial machine we innovate. We deliver 

Precision machining

 Since 1984, Schwab's Screw Machine Products,  Inc. has produced precision machined parts for customers all over the  United States.  Our business is family-owned and is dedicated to  providing  quality products consistently at the lowest possible price  point.   


Customers appreciate our expertise at  designing and building any tool or equipment that is needed to produce  parts that meet their specifications.

Our  machines provide a wide variety of machining, with  diameters ranging  from 1/32" to 2 1/4" for our screw machines and up to 8" for our turning  centers.

Special capabilities

We manufacture parts using round, hex, square bar stock and more.

Brass, Bronze, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, & nylon, along with other types of plastics.  We  are able to send your products out to be plated or heat treated, should  that be required, to provide you with a finished product.


 Our storage area makes it possible to provide just in time delivery to your facility. 

By utilizing the carrier you desire, we can ship parts  to arrive when you need them.
Service is our bottom line.  We will make EVERY effort to help our customers get their products into the market.








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Our Location

Our shop is  in rural north-central Idaho, approximately 10 miles south of Lewiston.  We have excellent access to all shipping transportation and can easily ship your product how you choose. 
We daily utilize UPS, FEDEX, (both Air & Ground), along with several different LTL carriers.

If you wish to tour our facility, we'll gladly facilitate this for you.  Please call to set up an appointment. 


Phone number=208.843.2011


Schwab's Screw Machine Products, Inc.

24458 Webb Road, Lapwai, ID 83540, US


Monday Thru Friday 7:00 am 4:30pm