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Now in  it's second generation,  Schwab's Screw Machine Products, Inc. was  founded by three brothers, Jim, Gene and Art.  They  started their  business in another brother's shop, which was in a residential  neighborhood.   In 1984, they moved to our present facility.  There was  just a small building in the beginning, which housed only screw  machines.   Over time, the building was added on to, CNC machines were  purchased,  and we grew.   More space was eventually needed and a new  building was built.   We currently have approximately 40,000 sq. ft of  space  that we use to fulfill our customers needs.

      In the last thirty-plus years, a lot has changed,  but one thing  remains unchanged, our dedication to doing the best work we can . We  keep an old fashioned attitude about work, doing it right the first  time.  If not, we will rework or replace your products at no cost to  you. 

Our Equipment


CNC Bending Machine          AIM ARM-3D12-T Up to 12MM round capacity

CNC Mills                                       Doosan  DNM-400
                                                              Doosan   DNM-400 II 
                                                                Hardinge -VMC 800 II (two), VMC-700,  VMC 1000 II With Programable 4th  axis
                                                              Lagun Handmills -5

                                                              Lugunamatic , 310,& 320, 3516

CNC Turning Centers              Hardinge CHNCII 
                                                               Hardinge CHNCI 
                                                               Hardinge CHNC  (2)
                                                               Hardinge Elite II-8 With live tooling capability

                                                               Hardinge GN6  (2)

                                                               Hardinge GT  (6)

                                                               Hardinge T-42 (four) With live tooling capability
                                                               Haas Lathe ST 30 With live tooling capability
                                                               Omni Turns (2)
                                                               Tongtai TNL-120AL Turning Center

​Rotary Transfer Machines     Hydromat 12 station, 10 station & V8 Trunion

Screw Machines                           Wickman 1" Screw Machines  (11)

                                                                Wickman 2 1/4" 6 spindle Screw Machines (5)

                                                                Wickman 3 1/4" 6 spindle Screw Machine

                                                                Warney Swasey 1 3/4" 5 spindle Screw Machines (1)
                                                                Warney Swasey 2 1/4" 5 spindle Screw Machines (5)


 Bead Blaster

Centerless Grinder (2)


EDM Sodick Wire Machine

Master Cut Band Saw
Namseon  Manual Lathe

Ultramatic Tumbler

Ultrasonic parts washer